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Respawn Was Never Worried About Titanfall 2 Release Date

The Titanfall 2 release date has suddenly grown to be a subject of controversy. When Electronic Arts announced that it would be releasing Titanfall 2 just a week after Battlefield 1, many were concerned that such a close release window would simply end up cannibalizing sales for the publisher. EA, though, was least bothered and assured that nothing of the sort would happen.

Titanfall 2 released last week and UK sales chart depict a grim sight. Do note that in contrast to the original game, Titanfall 2 is a multi-platform release. Nonetheless, it sold less units than the original 2014 mech-shooter. Additionally, it debuted at no. 4 while the original Titanfall took no. 1 and remained there for the first five weeks. Battlefield 1 on the other hand continues to enjoy the top spot in all major charts.

The situation continues to look bleak for Titanfall 2 as we’re approaching the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It’s going to be a mega challenge for the sequel to claw back up in sales.

As for developer Respawn Entertainment, it’s not at all worried about the game’s performance or it’s controversial release date. Speaking with PlayStation LifeStyle, game producer Drew McCoy revealed that the release date was set by EA “a long time ago and there was no changing it”.

On the subject of sales, he stated that it’s not a subject of concern. “A good game gets noticed” and “we’re going to find an audience” as long as “we’re releasing a game that we’re happy with, and we enjoy playing, that we’re proud of.”

To begin with, there’s no denying that Titanfall 2 is an incredible game. It already has received stellar reviews from every major publication and plays amazing. That being said, we can’t really say that as good as Titanfall 2 is, it’s going to be eventually “noticed” by communities. We do know about the game, or at least the hardcore shooters know. However, most have simply sided with Battlefield 1 since it was the first one to arrive.

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