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ReCore Demo Arrives on Xbox One and Windows PC

A playable demo for ReCore arrives on Xbox One and Windows PC today with Microsoft’s blessings.

Players can download the demo for free and play though the game’s first 30 minutes only. Once the duration expires, players must purchase ReCore for the full price of $40 to get the complete experience. Any progress achieved in the demo carries forward to the full version.

The action-adventure platform game, co-developed by Japanese studio Comcept and Californian team Armature Studio, is also receiving a new update today. It carries “significant” changes to ensure improvement and stability in various areas.

A previous complaint of extensive loading times upon death is addressed. Several visual and audio bugs are squashed. Issues relating to achievement tracking, checkpoints and respawn points, collision locations, and a few random crashes, are all taken care of.

ReCore finds players filling the role of Joule Adams. The daughter of the late Dr. Thomas Adams, wakes up after two hundred years of cryo-sleep to find that Earth has been terraformed. Every living soul has escaped the uninhabitable planet. She volunteers to help build the Far Eden colony and solve the mystery of why many corebots machines, creations of her father, are being corrupted and becoming hostile.

The ReCore free trial arrives in the wake of a lukewarm reception that the game received upon launch last month. It’s not really a bad game. However, technical and gameplay issues prevented users from achieving a fulfilling experience.

Microsoft likely wants the demo to convince people into buying, an excellent decision when you consider the situation.

ReCore released on September 13 for Xbox One and Windows PC. The title is heavily influenced by past Mega Man and Metroid games. Unfortunately, it’s only available on PC through Windows Store. A Steam release would help matters as it’s the go-to platform for the PC community. Perhaps we’ll see the title jump over similar to Quantum Break next year.

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