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Pokémon Go Is the Only Mobile Game to Reach $600 Million in 3 Months

Pokémon Go has become the fastest mobile game to generate $600 million in revenue. Despite the fact that the craze for Niantic Labs’ new game has been on a decline for the past month, it hasn’t stopped Pokémon Go from crunching massive sales numbers.

A new report by market researcher App Annie labels Pokémon Go as the most successful mobile game in history. Following its launch in July, it took the Pokémon-collecting game just three months to generated the $600 million revenue figure.

Candy Crush Saga previously held the title, having earned $600 million in revenue in over 200 days. In similar comparison, it took Puzzle & Dragons over 400 days to reach the same figure. Popular base-builder Clash of Clans on the other hand took over 500 days to reach that threshold.

Interestingly, the report reveals that the total time spent playing Pokémon Go in the third quarter is almost the same as the next 19 games on the fastest selling list. Additionally, Pokémon Go accounted for more than 45 percent of time spent in Android games throughout the three months. One game has basically been giving 19 others a tough time in the market.

Last week, the game received a new update that introduced two new features. A new Catch Bonus system allows Trainers to earn a mighty bonus for capturing a specific Pokémon type. Then there’s a slight change to Gym Training where the amount of Pokémon a Trainer can bring to battle at friendly Gyms has been increased.

Nintendo and Niantic Labs have a lot of reasons to be proud of. The success of Pokémon Go is a clear indication that Nintendo needs to release more games for the mobile platform. As for Niantic Labs, it continues to work on content and features to not only convince the current player-base to stay but also for the others to return.

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