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No Man’s Sky Subreddit Mod Calls It A “Hate Filled Wastehole”

No Man’s Sky continues to find itself in the news for all the wrong reasons. The action-adventure survival game should list another feature in its description besides procedurally-generated elements, procedurally-generated drama.

Earlier today, the game’s official subreddit was shut down by its moderator. The page caters to over 150,000 subscribers and according to its lead moderator r0ugew0lf, is a “hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion.”

Based on statements passed by other acting moderators, r0ugew0lf was talking about shutting down the page for quite some time now. Today, he finally took action and set the subreddit to private.

“So I purged the subreddit,” reads an earlier statement. “It’s not what we intended it to be and I don’t like providing a platform for hate. I’m sure you can find a different place to discuss this game. It’s not hard.”

Looking through the subreddit’s past content, it becomes clear that the front page was usually filled with disgruntled No Man’s Sky players. Threads related to either the lack of communication and updates from Hello Games, or how the community has been cheated by studio head Sean Murray.

The subreddit, though, has now returned. r0ugew0lf is parting ways with the mod-team and handing the reigns over to “Sporkicide.”

“He’s [r0ugew0lf] been an enormous help and I appreciate him working with us during a difficult time,” wrote Sporkicide. “He’s going to take a break and has handed the reins over to me to get the subreddit restarted.

“At the core of things, this is a subreddit and a community centered around No Man’s Sky. I’m asking everyone here to participate in good faith and leave any frustration with the recent situation at the door.”

The No Man’s Sky subreddit is an interesting place to be. Among delusional fan-boys also lie users who are willing to express anger through death threats. When Hello Games announced in May that No Man’s Sky would suffer a slight delay, this subreddit made news for issuing death threats to Kotaku for reporting it.

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