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Netflix Goes Down Amid Binge Of Marvel’s Luke Cage

Netflix was down and out for about two and a half hours on Saturday. Binge watchers and “Netflix and Chill”ers alike were bummed out. Some because the online streaming service had just added some new movies to their extensive list like “Titanic” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “A Cinderella Story” that they were looking forward to watching on a Saturday but mostly because their binge of Marvel’s Luke Cage was rudely interrupted.

So 30th September was the much anticipated premiere of the 13 episode Marvel series, Luke Cage. Marvel has built quite a following out of putting its heroes on Netflix. Daredevil Seasons 1 and 2 and the first Season of Jessica Jones were all huge hits, commercially and critically. Luke Cage was connected to the latter so it was bound to be received with great fanfare but alas, binge watchers were interrupted from 3 pm to after 5 pm Eastern Time.

Netflix noticed the issue and posted on Twitter at 3:25 pm that they were doing all they could to fix the outage. According to USA Today, the outage affected areas in Italy, Portugal, France, Germany and South America besides the US. Most users who logged on to the site got this page instead of the red and black Netflix theme:

636109350824176041-screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-12-55-11-pmEven the Luke Cage Twitter account, which like its counterparts on the Jessica Jones and Daredevil Page takes on a life of its own, tweeted about the event.

About 5:44 pm Eastern Time, the Netflix twitter account posted that the site was back online. So the binge resumed.

The reason for the outage can easily be blamed on the huge demand for Luke Cage but streaming service has previously met the huge demand for Daredevil Season 2 and the anticipation of House of Cards Season 3 and 4 so that may not be the case.

Netflix has experienced outages for short periods of time before. It experienced one pretty recently in November of 2015 and one back in 2011 related to the Amazon Web Service servers. In fact according to Down Detector, they experience problems every single day. But Netflix has become pretty consistent with its streaming service to the point where subscribers have almost no complaints about the service. it currently has 83 million subscribers worldwide and 47 million, just in the US. It’s hands down the most popular video streaming service out there with 40% of the market share in the US. Hulu Plus is at 6%, Amazon Prime at 13% and YouTube at 28%.



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