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Microsoft Surface Studio PC Asks for Just $3,000 From Creative Professionals

Microsoft Surface Studio PC is the latest member of the prestigious Surface family, the company announced during a Windows 10 event in New York City.

The new desktop alternative is built for creativity and promises to “transform the way you work”. It features the “world’s thinnest LCD monitor ever built” at 0.5 inches wide. From the front, the screen is 28 inches across and has touch capabilities. In addition to that, it sports 13.5 million pixels which is 63 percent more than 4K resolution.

The Surface Studio PC boasts an Nvidia GTX 980M GPU under its hood and also features support for a variety of peripherals. According to executive lead Panos Panay, the hardware comes with built-in wireless support for Xbox controllers. The support further expands to include the Surface Pen and the new Surface Dial, a radial accessory that can be placed directly on the Surface Studio PC for a variety of controlling functions.

Going over the base of the system, Microsoft is giving users several connectivity options: audio, SD card, Mini DisplayPort, ethernet, and 4 USB 3.0 ports. There’s also a built in microphone which makes it easy to call on Cortana, the built-in Windows 10 assistant.

Microsoft Surface Studio PC is scheduled to arrive this holiday season for the mighty price of $2,999. Pre-orders are currently open and Microsoft warns that the system will only be available in limited quantities. Those interested should place their orders as soon as possible or risk waiting for the second wave of units.

We’re still a couple of months away from release but Microsoft is willing to showcase the product at its official retail stores in the coming weeks. More information on which retail stores to be exact is going to arrive soon.

Today’s announcement makes it clear that Microsoft’s hardware division is looking to seriously compete with Apple’s iMac, a popular desktop option for creative professionals. Honestly, the Surface Studio PC looks marvelous in its initial reveal. Apple is expected to announce a new iMac model in the coming months. We’ll see how it goes against Microsoft in terms of hardware specifications.

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