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Microsoft Making “Amazing Progress With Project Scorpio, Confirms Xbox Boss

Know that development of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio upgrade for the existing Xbox One console is coming along just fine.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer was briefed this week over the console’s progress and he is more than satisfied. From the looks of it, the meeting was to verify whether development is sticking to schedule. According to Spencer, fans can rest easy because Project Scorpio is definitely hitting shelves in fall 2017. There will be no delays.

“I’m in a day-long review of where the team is on Scorpio right now,” Spencer said on Twitter. “Amazing progress and we are feeling good about schedule.”

This is not the first time that Spencer has provided such an update for the upcoming console upgrade. He has been keeping a close eye on development. Earlier this month, he responded to a query of Gamespot by confirming that the console is shaping up “really well”. He also added that Microsoft is currently “a little head of plan” and so it’s possible that the company is done with the console ahead of time.

Any extra time gained by Microsoft will be used to verify the capability of the console. Spencer stated that he and his team are all focused on making Scorpio the only viable option on the market that supports true 4K and a 4K frame-buffer which a lot of PC games already support.

There’s still no word on pricing. The console is premium but Spencer has assured us that we shouldn’t consider it as such in terms of pricing.

Project Scorpio is being touted as the “most powerful console ever made” and we’re inclined to believe that as far as the current information stream goes. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro variant is scheduled to release next month for $400. In terms of hardware specifications, Xbox Scorpio overshadows it. We’ll have to wait until fall 2017 to see which of the two is the better 4K console.

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