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Mafia III Reviews Roundup: Derails the Hype Train

Mafia III was expected to outshine its predecessors but has frankly fallen short in many ways. That’s not saying Mafia III is a bad game. Not at all. However, when considering the hype train that was knifing towards the release date, many were under the impression the the new open-world action-adventure title would be something extraordinary.

Everyone knew something was amiss when 2K Games failed to send out review codes in time. Publishers were only given access to the game at the last minute. This meant that Mafia III was already on shelves as reviewers began following Lincoln Clay and the gang violence surrounding him and his family.

A common complaint from many players and critics is that the story of Mafia III fails to capture the audience. The mission designs are also said to be uninspiring and monotonous. How could the writing team mess that up? The first Mafia game was brilliant in this regard and while I’m not quite a fan of the second game, Mafia II still carried several memorable instances.

One aspect that everyone agrees on is that the protagonist features an incredible design. The character of Lincoln is one thing that keeps users engaged, but gets dampened when being involved in the repetitive open-world action. That’s disappointing to see when considering how beautiful the New Bordeaux setting is for the game.

Here are some of the reviews published so far:

Mafia III features only a single-player campaign and released last week with frame-rates capped at 30 FPS on PC. However, a quick patch released by the developer over the weekend unlocked that to allow players to play at 60 FPS.

Mafia III is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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