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Latest Star Wars: Battlefront PC Update Brings Frame-Rate Issues

The latest update for Star Wars: Battlefront has left behind frowning PC users as they come to terms with the return of annoying frame-rate issues.

The update, released earlier today for all platforms, plugs an exploit and promises improved overall gameplay stability, especially when playing on the larger game modes. According to reports, several PC users are currently facing dipping and inconsistent frame-rates. The problem isn’t isolated to average system owners and also includes those with significantly powerful machines.

The fluctuating frame-rates are more noticeable on the Heroes vs Villains mode, an issue that has plagued the popular game mode before as well. There’s no doubt that the new update changed something it shouldn’t have in the game’s code.

As players continue to vent their frustration and disappointment over social media, DICE is yet to come out with an official statement. That being said, we should soon learn something new regarding the issue. DICE is likely to acknowledge the ongoing problems and announce a hotfix for release in the coming days.

Star Wars: Battlefront recently received the Death Star expansion pack, featuring larger battles that are divided between multiple phases. With new heroes, weapons and Star Cards, each battle works towards the final fight and with that, the destruction of the planetary weapon.

The Death Star DLC is the final content pack for the game. It’s uncertain whether EA plans to move forward with new content packs or just bid its time until Battlefront 2 is released.

The sequel was confirmed during one of the publisher’s earnings call earlier this year. Battlefront 2 is touted to feature “bigger and better worlds.” Additionally, it’s going to make use of content from the new moves and possibly work on feedback from the current game.

Star Wars: Battlefront is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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