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Kratos’ Son in the New God of War Is Still Without a Name

In contrast to previous installments, the new God of War game revolves around not only Kratos but also his son. Until now the series has always focused on the raging spartan warrior. However, with a portion of earth lying in ruins, the storyline of the new game is also taking a new turn.

As was shown during Sony’s reveal at E3 2016, the upcoming God of War game is placing a core focus on the young lad. We’re still unsure about his origins, and a lot of fans are anxiously lying in wait to know just how Kratos became caring for someone. A lot of theories have been crafted so far; some suggesting that he isn’t Kratos’ real son while others have ventured into Norse mythology and placed him as a descendant of Odin.

In another series of fan questions on Twitter, creative director at Santa Monica Studio Cory Barlog responded that he is yet to finalize the name of Kratos’ son. Apparently the team has a few options at hand but Barlog is having a hard time in deciding on the final name. The good news is that he intends to reveal more information on Kratos and his apparent fatherhood soon.

It was always speculated that God of War would be releasing in fall 2017. However, considering that the team isn’t even done with the kid’s name, there’s a scary thought of the game pushing into late 2018. Also considering the trend of how Sony loves to delay its first-party games, the situation doesn’t bode well for fans.

Recently, Barlog confirmed that Sony has no plans to release a playable demo for the game. It’s all about saving time. According to the director, not working on a demo means that the final product can be finished that much faster.

God of War is still without an official release date but it’s confirmed for release exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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