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Kingdom Hearts III Development Is Going Fine, Delays Unlikely

Whatever happened to Kingdom Hearts III? Any mention of the series is suddenly dealing with the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD release. It’s only natural for fans to suspect that Square Enix has fallen back on its schedule and Kingdom Hearts III is likely facing issues in its development phase.

However, that appears to not be the case. Fans of the action role-playing series shouldn’t be worried about the apparent disappearance of Kingdom Hearts III from mainstream news. Series creator and director Tetsuya Nomura assures that development of the game is coming along steadily. There’s no reason to panic.

“The other game we are working on, Kingdom Hearts 3, is coming along steadily. There are new worlds in which you can run, jump… I’m very excited about moving Sora around in the wider space with his higher range of maneuverability,” Nomura said.

If Nomura has suddenly surfaced with an update on the game, it’s possible that something special is heading our way soon. Kingdom Hearts III was missing from E3 2016 but there’s a chance that we get to see the game featured at PlayStation Experience in December.

Kingdom Hearts III is the eleventh installment in the Kingdom Hearts series and a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. It’s in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and currently features no release date. It’s pure speculation that the game is slated to arrive in fall 2017.

While the current trends dictate that Kingdom Hearts III will eventually see a slight delay, Nomura gives us faith that such an announcement will not happen. Until then, fans of the series can busy themselves with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD which releases on January 12, next year.

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