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A Human Nintendo NES Is Walking Around Japan Looking For Halloween Candy

Halloween is a week away and people in the western world are all dressing up. However, none of them may have thought of this. A human sized NES is going around the streets of Japan looking for candy. It may just be a marketing gimmick for the Classic NES coming out on November 11th. If it is, it’s a brilliant one. Photos are making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. cvdkgx0umaa7ifc

The costume is incredibly detailed with all the buttons and switches and labels accurately positioned. It even has a little “Family Computer” sticker on the bottom. It’s pretty much a human sized replica of the original NES called Famicom. But that’s not all, it’s accompanied by two smaller remote controls holding Jack-o-Lantern shaped Halloween candy bags. If not a deliberate stunt by Nintendo, this is probably a dad treating his kids to some quality time.cvdkfqdvuaaxd2s

Now, bear in mind that this might seem extremely unorthodox to us but it’s hardly the weirdest thing you could ever see in Japan. Just take a look at some of their commercials and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Nevertheless, they are the home of Nintendo and they will possibly appreciate this the most.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition3064109-inline-i-1-nintendos-nes-classic-edition-perfects-video-game-nostalgia

Nintendo’s throwback to their first NES is a nostalgia blast. It’s a sure money maker for old fans and new ones alike. With the recent success of Pokemon Go (which made a total of $600 million worldwide, more than any other mobile game to date), although the company doesn’t technically own the game, renewed interest has been generated for more classic games to be brought back for AR and VR. This release of the more compact NES is just the first step in a series of nostalgia blasts that will capitalize on Nintendo’s new found popularity.

It’s essentially a Nintendo’s greatest hits album or a collector’s edition that serves the same purpose as a remastered Blu-ray. The new console can be plugged into LED flat screens and the classic games can be enjoyed in all their 8-bit glory.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition comes out on November 11th, 2016 in North America and Europe (November 10th in Japan and Australia). It will feature 30 pre-loaded games (from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Castlevania to Tecmo Bowl and Legend Of Zelda) and cost $59.99.

In addition, a 320-page companion book called “Playing with Power: Nintendo NES Classics” will be published by Prima games. It will be made available alongside the console.



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