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Here’s How Infinite Warfare’s Weapons Crafting System Works

This year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare installment features a loaded weapons cache with over 80 kinds of weapons. Every single one of them can be obtained through a new weapons crafting system featured in the game.

In an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, multiplayer project director Jordan Hirsch talked more on the crafting aspect.

Playing Infinite Warfare helps players earn salvage which is the in-game crafting currency that everyone will be using. You still earn upon losing a match but winning a match translates into a significantly higher amount of salvage.

Next, players must head for the armory which features all craftable weapons in the game, including the rare prototype weapons. Simply select a weapon, make sure you have the required amount of resources, and hit the button to begin crafting. It goes without saying that better and rare weapons boast a higher currency rate to unlock.

As mentioned above, Infinite Warfare features over 80 weapons right now. According to Hirsch, Infinity Ward has no plans to stop just there. In the future, the developer plans to add even more weapons and expand the armory. The simplistic nature of the game’s crafting system is surely appreciated by the players.

Considering how popular the Black Market was for Black Ops III, it’s hardly surprising that Infinity Ward wants to formulate its own marketplace — in the form of armory. Does this mean that the game will also end up featuring microtransactions to help boost the gathering of resources? Definitely. Can we expect the community to express disappointment for it? Of course. Will Activision and Infinity Ward do something about it? Nah.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is scheduled to release on November 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As a reminder; the Legacy, Legacy Pro, and Digital Deluxe editions of Infinite Warfare feature Modern Warfare Remastered. Yes, you have to purchase the bundled copy in order to play the remastered version of one of the best Call of Duty installments ever.

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