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GTA V Hosts Another Bonus Event, Adds New Vehicles and More

GTA V continues to see impressive content support from Rockstar Games. You would think that a developer would start taking it easy after almost three years of a game’s release. Not with GTA V though. The spectacular open-world game is hosting yet another bonus event today where more new content is being added.

Last week, GTA V received 13 new vehicles as part of the Biker’s DLC update. Today, you’re about to see the addition of two more vehicles: Daemon Custom motorcycle, and The Raptor, a three-wheeled monstrosity.

Remember that logging into GTA Online between now and October 24 nets you a black Western Logo Hoodie item, another swag-addition to your ever growing wardrobe.

Today’s bonus event is scheduled to run for a significantly longer period when compared with older events. The new Slipstream Adversary mode offers double RP and in-game money through October 24, and you’ll receive 50 percent discounts on Lester and Merryweather services. Additionally, there are 25 percent discounts on bullet ammo, body armor, tints, and customization options at Los Santos Customs (including resprays, tire smokes, rims, and turbos).

It doesn’t end there. Over the course of the next two weeks, GTA Online is getting Premium Races. The first of this is called Forest, a non-contact bike race that runs from now through October 17. Double Loop will take its place from October 18-24 and can only be played using supercars. In both cases, you can earn large amounts of money by finishing in the top three positions. Everyone who participates receives triple RP.

Finally, today’s event permanently unlocks the ability to purchase a sixth property. This has been a highly requested from from players and Rockstar Games is now delivering.

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