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Gigabyte Launches New Geforce GTX 1080 Waterforce


A New King?

Today, Gigabyte has unveiled its latest addition, the GeForce GTX 1080 XTREME GAMING WATERFORCE WB graphics card which can be included in an open-loop liquid. It has a very attractive design and comes factory tweaked with a base clock of 1784 MHz and a boost clock of about 1936 MHz.

The Data rate is no joke either with it having an effective data-rate of about 10400 MHz. The card has a custom developed water block and supports custom liquid cooling setups. You won’t need to swap out the existing cooler thus costing way less while also keeping the cards warranty of 3 years (can be extended to 4 years) intact. It has a very powerful cooling system and it incorporates a large base plate made out of copper in order to maximize heat flow. The new copper base plate is able to quickly remove heat from critical areas and helps keep the card stay stable even when overclocked.

Detailed Specs:

  • WATERFORCE Water Block cooling system
  • Xtreme VR Link provides the best VR experience
  • 16.8M customizable color lighting
  • Stylish Metal Back Plate
  • Titan X-grade Chokes and Capacitors for Extreme Durability
  • Intuitive Xtreme Engine
  • Xtreme Care provides 4 years warranty (Online registration required)
  • Boost: 1936 MHz / Base: 1784 MHz in OC mode
  • Boost: 1898 MHz / Base: 1759 MHz in Gaming model

A Card Ready for A Ramp Walk

The card features a full spectrum RGB light running around the edges. Users can customize the light with unlimited color options and light effects using the included Xtreme Engine software which gives their setup a personal and unique look. The card is secured with a metal back plate which gives it a very exquisite look. The card is VR Ready and in addition, it offers 2 extra HDMI connectors in the front of the card for ease of access.

Overclocking Beast

Created from the XTREME Gaming-grade GPU, the card allows for aggressive over clocking without affecting the integrity of the system. As it is clocked at 1936 MHz when overclocked, it delivers fantastic gaming performance even when used at a stock configuration. The use of 12+2 power phases allows for a stable current flow when doing serious overclocking. The use of better quality materials,and more premium capacitors ensure durability which in turn gives the card a much longer lifespan.


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