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Galaxy S8 To Release Right On Schedule!

The Impact of the Note 7



Ever since Samsung discontinued their Galaxy Note 7 phablet due to issues with the mobile exploding and overheating, we started hearing rumors about the S8 releasing before its usual schedule.

According to a South Korean media outlet, Samsung has stated that the Galaxy S8  is right on schedule and it is not going to be released before schedule.

Samsung – a giant player in the smartphone market

Samsung is an integral part of South Korea’s fabric, it brings in a lot of publicity and revenue. Moreover, it is one of the largest mobile companies in the world and is known for its luxurious high-performance smartphones alongside its budget friendly and user-friendly mobile phones. The discontinuation of the Note 7 has created a void in their phone lineup and creating a New Note 8 requires a large amount of investment which Samsung cannot spare right now.

Samsung has thus decided to dedicate all its efforts to the S8. The Galaxy S8 has probably been long in development at this point, with the largest of February 25th 2017 for a launch event during the Mobile World Congress.

Concept art for the Galaxy S8
Concept art of the Galaxy S8

What to expect?

According to a new report from a Chinese source, the S8 will launch with a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display with a 4K resolution. The phone is rumored to be powered by either an Exynos 8895 or a Snapdragon 830 CPU. Both of these are extremely powerful processors. Moreover, it is also rumored that the S8 will also feature a whopping 6 GB’s’ of RAM, with reports of Samsung working on fitting 8 GB’s of RAM, which seems a bit overkill.


It has also been stated that Samsung will not be launching one variant of the mobile phone but two, but the picture shown above clearly states that there will only be one model. It is however, possible that like the previous S models, they might feature a “standard” or “basic” S7 alongside a more expensive “S8 Edge”



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