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Facebook Is Now Giving You The Ability To Tag Products

Facebook is no longer just a place to share your life with the world. It has evolved in to a space for business as well as social interaction. Small businesses have Facebook pages through which customers make online transactions and book tickets and even make reservations. In fact Facebook introduced a store section on its app to make purchases directly from the social network. Though this function hasn’t yet reached its full potential, that’s what Facebook has always been going for, a virtual living space, and that includes shopping and advertising. Now Facebook has introduced an option to tag products like people and places etc.

It was first spotted by Business Insider on their own Facebook page. The social network verified it. The tagging option will work like this: a product will be tagged in a video or photo just like people and places. You can click on the tag to take you to a dedicated page for details.

“To provide Page admins with more tools to drive organic product discovery, we’re testing the ability to tag products in photos, videos and posts,”

-Facebook Spokespersonscreen_shot_2016-09-28_at_11-10-56_am_1024

Now organic discovery means there’s no actual paid advertising going on but with Facebook being Facebook, that won’t remain the case for long. Facebook being home to 1.7 billion users, advertisers won’t miss a chance to cash in on this opportunity. Until then its a free and very effective way for companies to push their products and generate sales and consumer interest. As of now, the companies with their own products in the Store section of their page will be able to tag them in posts, videos and photos etc.

This tagging will definitely see an increase in awareness about side products that companies don’t aggressively push as much as their primary ones. For instance adapters and headphones and memory cards. It could also generate interest in a lot of indirect ways like tagging the camera used to take the photo or film the video or the drone used etc. Companies could also tag their own clothes in videos aimed at something completely different like movie trailers and campaign ads though that would distract from the message. screen_shot_2016-09-28_at_11-20-06_am

This wouldn’t make product placement or advertising any less on the nose but it could make it so that the videos filmed or photos taken don’t have to visually concentrate on the products they’re selling as much as before. And that’s a boon to the visual medium.




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