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Everything we know about Kaby Lake!

The 7th Generation

Intel’s Kaby Lake processors will be the 7th generation of the Intel Core family so we should be expecting some key improvements. The Kaby Lake is rumored to not be a significant update over their previous processor generation. According to Intel, they will now stick to the same process node for 3 generation of Core Families. So this means that Kaby Lake too will use 14nm architecture.


Kaby Lake is built on the same 14 nm architecture like Skylake. But, according to Intel, there were enough improvements in the manufacturing process that it can be considered as “14nm+.” The good thing for consumers is that the new Kaby Lake CPU’s can achieve higher clock speeds than their Skylake counterparts. For example, where a Skylake CPU will be able to turbo boost itself to 3.2 GHz, a Kaby Lake processor will be able to go above 3.5 GHz.

Gaming Processors?


While Intel processor’s graphics cards aren’t known for their stellar gaming performance, Intel begs to differ this year. At the Intel Developer’s Conference earlier this month there were reports of a Kaby Lake computer smoothly playing Blizzard’s Overwatch without a discrete graphics card.

Titles such as Overwatch and other esports which are less graphically intensive will be able to run these games on Medium settings at 30-40 FPS (1080p.) This performance is 3 times faster than the older Sandy Bridge processor.

Power Consumption


Intel also guarantees much better battery life with Kaby Lake. According to them, four hours of 4K Youtube streaming on Skylake is seven hours on Kaby Lake. That’s almost double the battery life! While it does draw the same amount of power it uses it much more efficiently than a Skylake processor. So CPU intensive tasks such as gaming, video editing, photo editing etc will consume considerably less power.

As it consumes less power, it also generates less heat which means that it can be crammed thinner laptops, which means that if your looking for the thinnest laptop on the block, wait for Kaby Lake processors to hit the market.

Worthy Upgrade?

Overall,T he chips themselves are said to run from a TDP of 4.5W up to 15W on the top-end Core i7, and It seems the 15 watt 7500U is 12% faster when it comes to productivity. So it seems seems these new chips seem to be aimed towards each and every kind of user.

Personally, it seems like Kaby Lake is a worthy upgrade over a Skylake processor. The integrated graphics card, efficient power consumption and much more power all contribute to a better user experience.

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Saad Muzaffar is a gaming fanatic who loves reading about everything new when it comes to technology. He is an experienced writer and mainly focuses on hardware.


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