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Diablo IV Rumored for BlizzCon Reveal Next Month

A possible Diablo IV announcement appears on the horizon. As rumors dictate, we could be seeing Blizzard take stage at BlizzCon 2016 next month to make the announcement.

So where did the rumor originate from? A four-sided die included in a limited goody bag that you can purchase through a BlizzCon ticket. The die itself makes no sense to be included in the bag unless it has an ulterior motive. The numbers on one side are printed incorrectly, making it unusable for anything. Placing it on a surface, though, shows us four-one-one, or 4-11 which further translates into 4th December. Finally, a four-sided die also in a way points at “D4”.

To make mattes interesting, PC Gamer reported that David Brevik (project lead of Diablo II) and Bill Roper (senior producer of Diablo II) were both spotted at Blizzard California recently. That only adds further fuel to the flames, with two developers from an incredible Diablo II game possibly showing up at BlizzCon to make an announcement.

Before we board the Diablo IV hype train, it’s important to realize that Blizzard has never released a new installment within such a short time. Diablo III, while not really appreciated by long-time fans, was only released four years ago. There’s a larger chance of seeing the developer announce a new expansion pack for the third game than there is for a brand new entry.

On that note, Blizzard has been pretty active recently in overhauling its classic titles. There’s also the possibility that we could see a remastered version of Diablo II. At this point, Diablo II HD would be a dream come true for many. It featured four chapters of excellent atmospheric storytelling, filled with action and more; a lot that critics didn’t find with Diablo III.

BlizzCon 2016 takes place between November 4-5. We don’t have to wait that long to find out what’s cooking for the franchise behind closed doors.

VIA Eurogamer

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