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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Update Adds HDR Support

An extremely significant update is scheduled to arrive today for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Update 1.05 adds support for PlayStation 4 Pro, despite the fact that Sony’s new console upgrade is still a month away from release. In addition to that, the new update also brings HDR support for all PlayStation 4 consoles and the Xbox One S.

Eidos Montreal promises that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will run flawlessly in 4K resolution with immense graphical improvements on PlayStation 4 Pro. We really hope that there will be no technical issues when the console finally arrives.

The latest patch also fixes a number of bugs across all three platforms. Reported issues in relation to the game freezing and crashing at numerous instances have been fixed. A nasty bug plaguing save files where enemies would continue to look for you FOREVER has been addressed. On PC, the bugged side-mission where players would get stuck has been corrected.

There are also some DX12-specific changes, which are only applicable to users that are playing the DX12 preview beta branch on Steam. Load times and performance stability have both been improved, while an issue that could cause a DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error has been fixed.

Here is the full list of patch notes for Update 1.05 on consoles. For PC, you can head here:

New Features

  • HDR support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S
  • PlayStation 4 Pro support

Various Bug Fixes for the Following Issues

  • Crash during the shooting range tutorial
  • After talking to Vega, a freeze would occur when the player left the poor District, after seeing Miller first
  • Koller’s fate after completing All in the Family, if the player spared Gallois
  • Exiting a tutorial during a flashbang\typhoon effect would cause the flashbang\typhoon effect to stay on screen permanently
  • Rarely, the hallway leading to Talos Rucker’s room would not stream in after reaching the top of the elevator
  • Saving on the base build while NPCs are in search state and updating to day one patch, would cause the NPCs to search forever on that save

New Breach Content and Features

  • Avatar customization (possibility to change the appearance of the Ripper in-game)
  • Overworld Map
  • New Santeau Corporation (New Maps and Darknet file)
  • New UI for avatar customization
  • New items: Premium Ripper Skins (2)
  • New item: Premium weapon (1)

The System Rift DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is now available on all platforms. The second piece of DLC, A Criminal Past, will launch in early 2017.

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