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Here’s How to Complete Destiny Tiny Box of Raisins Quest

Fellow Guardians, the Destiny Tiny Box of Raisins quest does indeed hold purpose and here’s how you can complete it for a nifty reward.

For how long has the community pondered over the purpose and sheer existence of the item in question? Almost everyone had marked it off as merely an addition by the developer for a few laughs. It would be surprising to know if players are still carrying that box of raisins with them. Regardless, the associated mini-quest is working and a post on Reddit explains in short steps on how to go about it.

Step 1: To begin the quest, you’ll need to first have a “Tiny Box of Raisins”. Head to Eva Levante for the Festival of the Lost quest, after which Eris Morn will give you the quest-item instead of Candy.

Step 2: Take the “Tiny Box of Raisins” to The Speaker and combine it with 25 Motes to create “Ascendant Raisins”. Those who still held on to their Raisins and already have Ascendant Raisins can skin this step.

Step 3: Take the “Ascendant Raisins” to Zavala and trade them for “Salted Sweets”.

Step 4: Take the “Salted Sweets” to Master Rahool (Cryptarch) and trade them for “Winged Chew”.

Step 5: Take the “Winged Chew” to Amanda Holiday and trade them for “Splice Drops”.

Step 6: Take the “Splice Drops” to Cayde-6 and trade them for “Unchocolate”.

Step 7: Take the “Unchocolate” to Eris Morn and trade them for a “Bag of Treats”.

Step 8: Open the “Bag of Treats” and receive your new “Superblack” Shader and your delicious “Piece of Celery”.

There you have it. After more than a year, you can finally put Destiny Tiny Box of Raisins to rest.

Saqib Mansoor
The odd man in the group who hates chocolate, cheese, and having to work on Sundays.


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