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Some Battlefield 1 Features Will Be Enabled Once Servers Stablize

Battlefield 1 is currently in early access and paving way towards the full release. Those who are playing right now must have noticed that you cannot customize weapon loadouts from the main menu. The only way to do so is either during a match, through the recently released Battlefield Companion app, or the official website.

That’s a highly unproductive way of dealing with weapon loadouts. However, this isn’t a bug. DICE has intentionally disabled the feature in light of the current server load. According to the developer, the feature to customize weapon loadouts from the main menu will be enabled once servers stabilize.”

“This is temporarily disabled. We will turn it on once it’s stabilized more,” said a DICE employee on the Battlefield Reddit.

The statement is chilling because it doesn’t clarify whether there’s a chance to see the feature enabled at the official launch. Considering that the game releases for everyone in a couple of days, the chances of that happening are slim.

The most productive method right now would be to go to the official website and change your loadouts. The companion app is also feasible if pinching your way through a small screen isn’t annoying for you.

Even during the beta of Battlefield 1, I never really found myself going through weapon loadouts during a match. Perhaps it’s alright if you just want to switch grenades or change something minor. However, when you want to consider your options through an entire inventory, it definitely is an issue.

Nonetheless, at least DICE is working on the matter and ensuring that the game’s online infrastructure is safe from being crippled by the horde of new players inbound.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The new installment returns to World War roots and is looking amazing so far.

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