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AMD Radeon Cards now Cheaper!

Budget Kings About To Be Unleashed



In the upcoming week, the budget Nvidia Cards the Geforce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti will become available. The new cards are extremely powerful considering their price and can run every modern day game at 1080p/60 fps.  Read more about the Nvidia cards here.

We are not aware of how the Nvidia cards perform in real life consumer tests, however, according to most beta testers; the card seems to be solid. Now AMD; the company’s direct rival is obviously nervous since Nvidia hasn’t really made low budget cards and AMD has mainly dominated that area. Nvidia this year begs to differ with the release of the 1050 and 1050Ti.

AMD Steps Up!


Looking at this, AMD has decided to reduce the SRP on both the Radeon RX 460 2GB and 470 4GB. The reduced prices are now 100 and 170 USD respectively. The price drop mention seems to focus only on the USA though. To compare this to Nvidia, the 1050 costs 109 USD and the 1050Ti costs 139 USD.

More AMD cards are now dropping their prices as well, as the R9 Fury X seems to have dropped down to 589$ from 649$. The R9 Nano too dropped from $649 to $569. The R9 Fury’s price has dropped down to $499 from $549. The card actually is faster than the GTX 980 by 15% (at 1440p).

A Killer Blow?

The mid-range AMD card’s price seems to have dropped down too with the R9 390X and R9 390 now costing 379 and 279$ respectively. If your up for 1080p gaming, the R9 380 seems to be the best bang for the buck consistently beating the 960 by 17%. The card’s price too has dropped from $199 to about $169.

It seems like AMD is definitely stepping up their game after the high-end graphics card market is currently being dominated with Nvidia’s GTX 1070, 1080 and Titan X. Cutting down the price of their most popular graphic cards will definitely increase their sales and will give the guys at Nvidia a run for their money.

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar is a gaming fanatic who loves reading about everything new when it comes to technology. He is an experienced writer and mainly focuses on hardware.


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