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AMD Abandons Raptr-Powered Gaming Evolved App

AMD has dropped support for its “Gaming Evolved” application and will no longer be bundling it with new Radeon Software Crimson Drivers.

According to a report by WCCFTech, the red team actually abandoned the utility last month. While future software bundles from the manufacturer will not include the application, existing installations of the build on systems have been promised to remain unaffected.

Starting September 12th 2016, AMD is no longer bundling the “AMD Gaming Evolved App” by Raptr with builds of Radeon Software. The application will still work. AMD will cease to undertake any compatibility testing, install support or general technical support for this application, nor will it be available through Radeon Software or its installer. Previous builds of Radeon Software that include the “AMD Gaming Evolved App” dated before September 12th 2016 will remain intact and will not be affected.

While it was never made official, the Gaming Evolved application was AMD’s response to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. Both carried similar features but AMD’s application never really got into the good books of its user-base.

In 2013, the red team teamed up with Raptr for the utility and distributed it through the Radeon 200 series. The core focus was on offering an easy way for players to optimize their games as well as to record gameplay.

Unfortunately, many treated the utility as bloatware. Other features such as reward points for playing games through the application or its knack of tracking statistics were unneeded. Thankfully, AMD didn’t enforce the application upon us. While updating to new drivers, we were always given the option to cancel the installation of Gaming Evolved.

For those who enjoyed the application, Gaming Evolved is going nowhere. AMD may not be distributing it through its Crimson Drivers, but you can still download it on the official Raptr website. That being said, take note that AMD is no longer conducting technical tests to ensure stability with future drivers. If the application starts misbehaving with a future driver update, you will have no other option but to get rid of it.

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