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After Facebook And Instagram, WhatsApp Copies Snapchat

After Facebook copied Snapchat by launching Messenger Day in Poland this week, WhatsApp has done the same. Now you can edit/modify pictures, like on Snapchat, on WhatsApp. It’s an all you can copy buffet out there in the world of social networks these days. And it’s all happening so close together that you can’t help but feel that each is desperate to out do the other. Really when I talk about all the social networks/apps I’m actually just talking about two, Facebook and Snapchat, since the former owns both Instagram and WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp beta already showed these features and now they’ve been incorporated in to the stable release. You can draw on your photos and add emojis and of course the caption feature is still there from previous builds. The camera app gives you the option to draw on your photo and also gives you the familiar line of colours that you find on Snapchat (though to be fair you get the same thing on Facebook’s Messenger app too). Both Snapchat and WhatsApp have the Open Source Twemojis so the look of both apps is very similar in this department.cs0rn6jwgaetwgp

In addition to the drawing tool, WhatsApp now also features the flashing screen used to take selfies in low light on Snapchat. iPhones and the new Samsung Galaxy phones have this option so it’s nothing new. You can also move your finger up and down on the screen to zoom in and out while video recording and you need only double tap on the screen to switch between the two cameras.

Pretty soon there won’t be anything unique about Snapchat at all. It’s immediacy and non-permanence was the appeal but now Facebook has it, Messenger has it, WhatsApp has it. Conversely, Facebook’s appeal will continue to grow because it’s 1.71 billion monthly active users will only increase as its appeal widens. Facebook has played a very smart game by buying out the competition and adding/copying features where it could not. Though both companies reek of desperation in the wake of these rip-offs, you can’t blame them because both are trying to stay ahead of the curve.38708c954b2902f8f0b9cc31b318dfcb20b5d4cf-300x503

More appeal means more users means more data and data is the endgame. Why do you think Facebook is trying to be an all in one instead of a social network?

The update is going live for Android today and is already available on the Apple App store.




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