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Windows 10 Crosses 400 Million Users

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system has achieved yet another milestone. The company announced today that Windows 10 is now running over 400 million devices across the globe.

Comparing it with Windows 7 which is hailed as possibly the best version ever released by Microsoft, it comes to light that Windows 10 crossed the 400 million threshold seven months faster than Windows 7.

A major factor contributing to this success is the company’s limited free-upgrade program that allowed users to upgrade their Windows copy to the latest version for absolutely no charge. That and Microsoft’s rather stern stance that missed no opportunity to remind users about upgrading to Windows 10.

According to statistics released by Microsoft, Windows 10 crossed 75 million users within the first four weeks. It then took 10 weeks to pass 110 million users and under six months to reach 200 million users. Nine months saw the operating system booting close to 300 million devices. Another 50 million devices were added in the two months to follow.

Do note that 400 million devices include multiple platforms. The operating system is being used on Xbox One, PC, Surface devices, Windows 10 Mobile, and even HoloLens. The actually PC tally might be lower but is still an impressive milestone for the company.

Originally, Microsoft was aiming to achieve 1 billion Windows 10 users within “two to three years.” Taking into account the abysmal Windows phone sales, Microsoft later averted from its goal and realized that 1 billion users would not be possible within the specified period.

The offer to upgrade to for free expired in July. Users who missed out on the opportunity have to now purchase a copy from the official Windows Store. As for those who availed the offer, Windows 10 is going to stay valid forever as long as it is running the same system hardware. Changing your motherboard, for instance, will cause the operating system to ask for a new serial key.

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