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Street Fighter V Update Brings Security Risk on PC

Alongside new content and changes, the latest update to Street Fighter V also brings a potential security risk on PC.

Updating Street Fighter V on PC to the latest version will now have the game ask you to grant kernel access. This in turn bestows the client with control over your entire system. Players who already have updated their games reported that the Windows’ User Account Control system popped up a notification to ask if they want to allow the game to make changes to the system.

On the surface, the kernel access handover wouldn’t seem that risky. The problem here is that a third-party could easily exploit the same access route to infiltrate a player’s PC.

It’s assumed that the sudden access request is related to a “client-side security update” that the developer announced for this month’s big update.

“As a part of the new content and system update releasing later today, we’re also rolling out an updated anti-crack solution (note: not DRM) that prevents certain users from hacking the executable,” it said in a recent post on Steam. “The solution also prevents memory address hack that are commonly used for cheating and illicitly obtaining in-game currency and other entitlements that haven’t been purchased yet.”

According to the official Twitter account of Capcom, the developer is currently investigating “issues surrounding the latest update”. The post, though, doesn’t clarify as to what issue is being referenced here. Apart from the security matter, many players are reporting that they are unable to run the game following the update. Others have to disable their antivirus software to resume play, something they didn’t have to do before.

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