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Listen Up Steve Jobs Fans! His Personal Belongings Are Being Auctioned!

Steve Jobs was a true innovator in the world of tech. Think what you want of him but Apple came up with its most iconic products during his reign. The Macintosh, the Apple II, the iPod, iPhone and iPad were all released during his tenure at Apple. He changed the world with his ideas even though he was only the visionary and scores of engineers and designers built them into reality. And there are fans around the world that admire his genius. For them, the end of the month is going to be heaven because the master’s personal belongings are being auctioned off in Los Angeles. The items range from his personal electronics to clothing items.

A Marketing Bookopv0av6ppzla1ei5e45i

Steve Jobs was a marketing genius. He commissioned Ridley Scott to make, what is arguably known as, the greatest commercial of all time for the Macintosh. However, he probably never had a taste for conventional marketing. Nevertheless he owned this copy of Regis Mckenna’s “The Regis Touch: Million Dollar Advice From America’s Top Marketing Consultant”. The bid starts at $50.


So if you looked upon Steve Jobs as a father figure or as an unhealthy obsession you’ll probably want to have this. It comes with two electric razors and is by Christian Dior. Jobs probably thought of different ways to make the Macintosh better or to add more functionality to the iPhone in this thing. The bid starts at $200.

Leather Jacketm3jsplgbw3gntllkjldh

There’s a famous picture of Jobs giving the finger to the IBM logo. This is the leather jacket he wore in that photograph. IBM was famously called the “Computer Company” way back when Microsoft and Apple were new comers. Steve Jobs changed that and even stole the mouse, and the Graphical User Interface from them. The reason: they were too dumb to see the potential for it and were happy to give him a tour of their facility. So Jobs gave them the finger quite literally.

Seiko Watchh71ulvbeqhinif5zgzrc

You may not have seen Steve Jobs wearing a watch during his later keynotes when he was dressed in his jeans and turtleneck but he did own a Seiko watch. It’s debatable whether he would like the current Apple watch but he definitely obsessed over time. As shown in the movie Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender, he insisted on never starting late on a launch. Just look at all the iOS device ads; all the devices have the time 9:42 or 9:41 showing on them. That’s the exact time that the first call on the iPhone was made. The bidding on the watch starts with $500 and is expected to be sold for $2000.

Wallet & ID Card waisi8utaiggnipmdqqn

These are his Wallet and ID card. The latter is from his days at NeXT, a company he founded after he was fired from Apple in 1985. The bidding starts at $500.

Sony Portable CD Playermhfb1keouybf9ukoeu1a

Steve Jobs was obsessed with music. It’s why he created the iPod and iTunes. The latter is probably the most used app for Apple users. Steve Jobs once described everything in life as either “a Bob Dylan or Beatles song”. So it’s no surprise that he had a Sony Portable CD Player. The bidding for this bad body starts at $100.

NeXT Turtleneckbsffpxmc3itzizqijzid

Steve Jobs’ turtleneck is legendary but this one is perhaps the most special. It has the NeXT logo on it. He founded the company after being kicked out of Apple and it helped rejuvenate his career. He returned as CEO of Apple after almost a decade when the company was 90 days from solvency and took it forward to become one of the most valuable in the world. The bidding starts at $500 and is expected to sell for $1000 to $3000.

More of his belongings like t-shirts and neckties and bowties are being auctioned as well. It may seem like a creepy obsession to some but collectors of oddities and novelties are found everywhere. And if you have to be obsessed, why not with Steve Jobs?

The items are being auctioned by Julien’s Auctions: Auction House To The Stars as part of its Icons & Idols: Hollywood auction. The event includes belongings of stars like Charlton Heston, Johnny Carson and Babe Ruth. The bidding starts on September 23rd at 10:00 AM PST.



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