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Star Wars: Battlefront Teaser Prepares You to Destroy the Death Star

A new trailer is expected to arrive tomorrow, September 16, to promote the upcoming Death Star expansion for Star Wars: Battlefront. A teaser video containing brief footage from the final trailer has been posted early by Electronic Arts, giving us a glimpse of what is to be expected from the upcoming expansion.

The video runs for just 20 seconds and shows infantry-based combat. It breaks off as Luke Skywalker swoops into the action as he and his team prepare to blow the Death Star to smithereens.

As previously announced, the Death Star expansion is going to introduce new multiplayer maps, weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards. In addition to that, players will get access to new heroes Chewbacca and Bossk. A new game mode called Battle Station will also join the mayhem, pulling teams through three different phases and working towards the final fight on the Death Star. The final phase features Luke Skywalker as he flies his Red-5 X-wing to take out the ship.

Death Star DLC is confirmed for release in September. A more concrete release date is yet to be revealed by the publisher. Based on a double XP weekend event set for September 23-25, it’s likely that the expansion will arrive then.

Star Wars: Battlefront has so far received two expansion packs: Outer Rim and Bespin. Following Death Star, the game will be in line to receive Rogue One: Scarif. The fourth DLC is based on this year’s movie and is scheduled to launch during the holiday season.

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