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The Snapchat Spectacles May Succeed Where Google Glass Failed

Snapchat was recently rebranded as Snap Inc. in a move that echoes how Apple Computer was rebranded Apple Inc. Simultaneously they also announced plans to release “Spectacles”, glasses that would record ten second videos and pair with your phones, effectively making Snapchatting easier and more frequent. This would be Snapchat’s official entry into hardware. This is a move we’ve seen before with Google Glass. Of course the $1500 gadget failed to generate consumer interest and lies in the garbage dump of failed tech ideas. Google is making another version of the product aimed at business consumers but there’s really no indication it will appeal to a wider market. But the “Spectacles” from Snap Inc. have a much more focused use. And that might just help them find a place in a niche market: Internet celebrities.

While the Google glass was seen as invasive and banned in public places, the Spectacles may be seen as just another tool for Internet celebrities to up their game. Vines and short video clips are ubiquitous on the internet, so much so that millions of people follow random Internet celebrities that make pointless videos about awkward situations that in no way relate to real life. THAT is the crowd that would benefit from the Spectacles, people like Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny. Of course, the main use, complimenting Snapchat, is there too.

The Eh Bee family posts short, humorous video clips online
The Eh Bee family posts short, humorous video clips online

Serious vloggers could benefit from this too; people like Casey Neistat, ShayCarl, the Eh Bee family and Charles Trippy could all use these glasses to more conveniently record video wherever they go without having to pull out there phone or Go Pro.

Casey Neistat is a professional vlogger
Casey Neistat is a professional vlogger


Unlike Google glass which had GPS, facial recognition etc, Spectacles simply record ten second videos. They will probably feature an app to pair with your phone or login immediately to Snapchat and transfer the recorded video ready for upload. The glasses will probably also have a photo taking option, though the megapixel count may not be nearly as high as on modern smartphones. What we know for sure is this: You will press a button on the top left of the glasses to record video. There are inward and outward facing lights to signal to you and others when you’re recording. You can even record for up to 30 seconds at a time. The glasses offer a wide angle 115 degree field of view according to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. He says that the gadgets are being produced in small quantities at this stage so it’s very much experimental. They will be available in three colours, Black, Teal and Coral, when they come out and sell for $129.99. And you’ll probably get a day of battery life out of them.



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