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Samsung Officially Recalls The Exploding Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has finally exploded one times too many. It has officially been recalled globally. The incidents were first reported in China and South Korea when customers tried to charge their phones with a non-Samsung charging cable. The result: the Note 7 exploded. Incidents reported after this featured the same problem and always showed a point of origin to the left of the phone. This pointed to the battery as being the root cause. Well, Samsung finally recalled the phones and is now working on fixing the problem.

According to the smartphone giant, the problem arises in only 24 devices per million (or in 1 device per 42,000) but that’s more than enough reason to recall them. The safety of each customer is important. Sales have been halted and work on replacements has begun. This will take around two weeks. _90995808_burntnotearielgonzalez

Samsung has reported 35 incidents of fire. All have occurred during charging. An unnamed official has also told he Korean Media that the battery related issue is probably going to effect 0.1% of all Notes shipped. This comes at a very bad time for Samsung since they were riding a winning streak that was set to peak just in time for the iPhone 7 release. Now the launch of the Apple device won’t have to steal any of the thunder that Samsung has accumulated over the past year because they’ve practically given it away.

Samsung has promised to “voluntarily” replace any Note 7s that have already been bought. The statement they made also included a lot of promises and the phrase “highest quality products” several times. Samsung-Galaxy-Note7-Teardown-iFixit

The recall totals around 2.5 million phones, an unprecedented number in the history of smartphones.

The Note 7 Flew Too Close To The Sun

Steve Jobs getting mad explaining Antennagate

We’ve seen this happen before. A product that is touted to be a great success but then gets shot down by something fundamental and becomes an embarrassing footnote in history. The launch of the iPhone 4 comes to mind. Antennagate had Steve Jobs furious. And though he proved to people that this wasn’t just an iPhone 4 issue and other phones had experience it too, it became the reason that the iPhone 4 is now remembered. Take the launch of Apple maps. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in Apple’s history. And the app will be haunted by its failure in those early days.

Apple Maps gave disastrous directions on its debut

But then there are those products that can recover from the bad buzz. When Batman’s Arkham Knight game was launched it received rave reviews and universal acclaim…except from the PC crowd. The game became a nightmare for those playing on the PC and this delivered a blow to its reputation. Such an iconic finale to one of the best game series in recent history was tarnished by this fatal error. And yet, the game survived the blow. People eventually forgot the failure and appreciated it for its incredible gameplay on game consoles.

Will the Note 7 recover? Who knows? Once all the issues are fixed maybe people will return to buy it in record numbers and Samsung’s future will be greener than ever. The tech world tends to forget pretty quickly.



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