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Samsung Has Already Exchanged Half Of Its Exploding Note 7 Phones

Well, Samsung’s recall program is finally bearing fruit. After the “explosive” debut of the Note 7, Samsung issued a recall for the 2.5 million sets it had already shipped out. Exploding Note 7s kept piling up and around 70 incidents had been reported just in the US, some occurring after Samsung’s announcement of a recall. To make things worse, one customer left his Note 7 to charge in his jeep and it caught fire, essentially destroying the jeep. But now the recall program has officially sent out 500,000 sets to the US. And there’s good news, most of them were exchanged.

It seems customers didn’t lose faith in Samsung after all. Of the half a million sets that arrived in US stores, 90% of them were exchanged by consumers that had faulty ones. They could’ve opted for a refund and gotten another phone, perhaps the new iPhone 7, but they proved to be loyal Samsung customers. What can you say to that? By the way, the new Note 7s that are “safe” have a green battery indicator. Though there maybe a software update to download before that happens. explosive-start-for-samsung-galaxy-note-7-more-phones-catch-fire-while-charging-507793-4

The other half of the phones sold in the US are still in need of a replacement and it’s only when the recall program is over and the Note 7 phones begin to sell new units will this crisis truly be over. Some would even say that it will be over when the new Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out next year in February.

Fresh stocks of Samsung Note 7s will hit South Korea on 28th September, Singapore and Australia in October and the US on October 21st. For Europe, fresh stocks will only arrive some time in November; the furor surrounding the phablet may have died down by then, unfortunately so may the interest for the phone with the Google Pixel phones coming out in October.

“We fully expect (new Note7s) to be available everywhere by the end of November … well before the end of the fourth quarter,”

–David Lowes, Samsung’s chief marketing officer in Europe

Samsung’s mandatory software update which will be issued to all pre-ordered handsets this week will help prevent any explosions as well. The update will limit the battery charging to 60% and display messages to alert users to return to their devices.

False Reports of Exploding Note 7sgalaxy-note7_curve_phone

In a silver lining to the Note 7 fiasco, 26 of the reports made to Samsung have turned out to be false. Now all of them weren’t actually fake but 12 had phones that weren’t faulty, 7 couldn’t be reached and 7 others had cancelled their reports or told Samsung they had gotten rid of the phone. There was one report of a Canadian user who had photographed someone else’s Note 7 and one user in Singapore had thrown his Note 7 out of the car when it had caught fire (though he couldn’t prove it).

If the Note 7 can get over this catastrophe, it might very well get its place back in the clouds. Because other than the exploding factor, it really is the best Android phone on the market.




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