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Pokemon Go Introduces Buddy System So You Can Bond With Your Pokemon

Niantic has officially announced the addition of a buddy system on Pokemon Go. It had been rumoured by data miners for a while now. It basically allows you to pick your favourite Pokemon out of the lot and bond with it. Any fan of the Pokemon Anime knows that this is a direct homage to the show.  In the show, the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, captures hundreds of Pokemon but keeps his favourite, Pikachu, beside him at all times. They’ve been seen walking together, helping each other out in times of hardship and struggling through their lives together. In fact every single challenge that Ash faces is also Pikachu’s own challenge. Pikachu is usually found perched on Ash’s shoulder.

The Buddy system will allow trainers to walk with their Pokemon the same way Pikachu does with Ash. It basically puts the Pokemon right there on the screen with your trainer Avatar at all times. This will get you bonuses and “unique in game rewards and experiences” that will help you through the game. For instance you’ll get Candy for walking with your buddy. You can also change your buddy Pokemon at any time if you feel like two timing…you jerk.

z3jiw02uimid9akypetmThe update was discovered by data miners in the source code of the game. The details were posted via GoHub. No official release date has been announced for the buddy system yet though Niantic says it’s “just around the corner”.

The Future Of Pokemon Godownload (4)

Pokemon Go has now lost its Mojo. Over 10 million users have stopped playing it. But there could still be a lot of updates that could help it regain its userbase. For instance, there still isn’t any way for trainers to battle each other and get stronger. There isn’t a way to battle Pokémon that you see in the wild like in the classic Pokémon games for Nintendo.

Also, there aren’t even any legendary Pokémon on the scene yet. Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Mew and Mewtwo are nowhere to be seen. Niantic would do well to introduce a system that allows trainers to battle and capture legendary types after reaching a certain level. It would definitely make it more worthwhile for people to trudge beyond the dreaded 20th level. Plus it would make the game a lot more interesting for trainers who are just looking to meet up and battle.

Pokemon Go’s foundation has been built on getting people to connect on a more personal level. Millennials have actually gotten off their behinds to socialize with other people and leave the sanctity of their computer screens. This has promoted a healthier lifestyle, getting over social anxiety that is a staple of the average teenager today and has even resulted in people overcoming autism.

Forbes estimated that Pokemon Go was making $1.6 million a day in July and since then moneynation.com valued it at around $29 billion with earnings of $233 million up until 31st of August. This is probably one of the most profitable games ever made, despite all the botting and cheating going on. Niantic owes it to its customers to keep them engaged.



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