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It’s Official: The iPhone 7/7 Plus Is The Best Smartphone Ever Made

You could argue that the iPhone sucked or didn’t do enough or didn’t do it soon enough in the previous years. This year though, Apple has raced so far ahead of the competition you can’t even be subjectively against the iPhone. Now this is rare for me since I’m mostly an Android fan. I love the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and if you put the explosions aside, I think the Note 7 is an incredible device. I also greatly admire OnePlus and what they’ve been able to do to push the envelope. But if you’re an objective, unbiased observer, the iPhone 7 is clearly the winner this year.

Let’s talk about the facts. The iPhone 7 has one of the best cameras on the planet. It may not be as fast or as responsive as Samsung’s lightning fast snapper but it takes much better photos according to photographers. The iPhone has also remained the camera of choice for photographers on websites like Instagram whether they’re posting selfies or taking beautiful photographs of every day sights. It’s mechanical zoom may only get you from 1x to 2x but it makes a considerable difference to the picture quality. And if you have to make do with a camera bump because of that, it’s a small inconvenience to bear.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The iPhone 7 also has the best chip ever put in to a smartphone. The A10 fusion chip has four cores, two that are optimized for the best performance and two for the best power conservation during usage. This makes for a very powerful processor. It conserves battery while giving you the best use of a processor in a smartphone. For proof you can go watch speed test comparisons between the iPhone 7 and Note 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 series phones. The one I watched compared the first two phones and the iPhone absolutely smoked the Note 7, getting through the entire app drawer in a minute and a half while the Note 7 took almost twice the time. But you may say that’s a cop out, give me official numbers.

Well, noted Apple journalist John Gruber pitted the iPhone 7 against the S7, S7 Edge and OnePlus 3 and the Note 7, it smoked them all in Single core AND Multi-core performance where it usually stumbled. Not only that, the A10 fusion chip performed on par with the MacBook Air 2013. It actually has Intel worried (why would Apple continue to use Intel chips if it can manufacture chips as good for its laptops).

Still not convinced? Google’s Octane V2 test had the iPhone 7 score eight times as much as the S7. When Google itself says that the iPhone 7 is faster you have to tip your cap to Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As for the aesthetic, you could argue that the Note 7 and the S7/S7 Edge are better looking phones and I’d say that’s fair. It’s just that the Jet black iPhone is so cool it almost seems like it was sent back through time travel. If the colour didn’t degrade as quickly as it did, I’d say it’s a lock in terms of aesthetics too.

So there you go, the iPhone 7 has won the year…I’m still not buying it though.



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