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Oculus Co-Founder Apologizes for Pro-Donald Trump Funding

This hasn’t been a good week for Oculus. Palmer Luckey, co-founder of the virtual reality Rift headset, was recently revealed to be directly funding a pro-Donald Trump political group. Now that may not seem troubling at all. However, it does so when you consider that the same political group has been behind “shitposting” memes about Hillary Clinton all over the web.

Naturally, Luckey was called out by the public. Yesterday, the situation took a turn for the worse when video game developers rallied together against the co-founder. Many announced that they would be dropping support for Oculus Rift from their upcoming games unless Luckey resigned. Some opted to donate to Clinton’s campaign while others proclaimed that Luckey did nothing illegal.

Today, the Oculus Rift creator released a statement on Facebook apologizing for his actions. Luckey said he is “deeply sorry that [his] actions are negatively impacting the perception of Oculus and its partners.” That being said, he also stated that recent news stories do not accurately portray his views.

“I thought the organization had fresh ideas on how to communicate with young voters through the use of several billboards,” he explained. “I am a libertarian who has publicly supported Ron Paul and Gary Johnson in the past, and I plan on voting for Gary in this election as well.”

Luckey confessed that he has contributed $10,000 to the anti-Hillary Clinton Group, Nimble America. However, reports about him posting on Reddit under the name “NimbleRichMan” are false. He also stated that he has no plans to donate beyond what he has already given to the group.

In the end, he clarified that his actions are his alone and do not represent Oculus. “I’m sorry for the impact my actions are having on the community.”

You can read the complete apology below:

With today’s statement Luckey has thrown the ball back into the developers’ courts. He isn’t resigning his position from Oculus any time soon. Now we’ll see how the developers react to this. Will they continue their stand against the company or accept his apology?

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