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No Man’s Sky Update 1.09 Is Live for PS4, Brings “More Bug Fixes”

A new Update 1.09 has been released for the PlayStation 4 version of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games announced today.

Strangely enough, the developer is yet to release patch notes for the update. For now it has only stated that the new update brings “more bug fixes” to the action-adventure survival game.

Going over the game’s subreddit though, a user has posted some of the changes that he has discovered so far. First and foremost, the stacking exploit has been addressed. Players can no longer take advantage of the loophole in the inventory system to amass resources.

Secondly, the time taken to save your progression has been reduced. That being said, it’s not clear as to how much faster the game saves now in comparison to before.

Thirdly, No Man’s Sky appears to now boast slightly improved graphics. Based on several more reports from other users, the visual fidelity is now sharper than before. In addition to that, the game’s sound category is also being said to have been improved.

Finally, players can no longer hold down Square while uploading multiple discoveries, nor Triangle when moving multiple pieces of inventory.

Hello Games has made it a habit to keep the users in the dark regarding what changes each patch is bringing. Patch 1.08 for No Man’s Sky saw similar treatment at first. Going back even further, the developer “forgot” to release patch notes for Update 1.07 as well. The changelog for that was finally shared later but through the Steam Experimental Branch.

No Man’s Sky launched on PlayStation 4 and PC just last month. The game has taken a tremendous PR hit with some key figures in the industry calling it as the biggest disappointment of the year. A major portion of the user-base has been vocal in how the game’s release was shrouded in lies. Since its launch, the amount of active players for No Man’s Sky have dropped by more than 90 percent.

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