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Motorola Promotes Its Moto Z Mods With Two Hilarious Ads

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force are coming out soon. They are Motorola’s flagships and carry the unique feature of mods. Along with the LG G5, they’re the main contenders in the modular phone arena. And now that Google has ditched the Ara project, it’s their market for the taking. While in the LG G5, you have to remove the battery to modify your phone, the mods for the Moto Z are extremely simple to put on. The mods simply snap to the back cover and are held in place by powerful magnet To promote its mods, Motorola has released two ads. They show off two different mods for the Z phones in pretty funny ways.

Moto Insta Share Projector

The mod will cost you $299.99 and basically act as a portable projector. The mod comes with a kickstand and can project on to any flat surface up to 70 inches; great for movie night with the folks. It also gives an extra hour of juice to the phone.

The ad for this bad boy involves two people, a guy and a girl, fleeing from a pack of zombies. They find themselves in  a deserted building where they close the door behind them. They block the door with a filing cabinet and turn to face a deserted corridor. With no way to escape, the girl whips out her Moto Z and snaps on the projector mod. As the zombies open the door and rush to devour them she projects a cat video on the wall. The zombies stop and stare. No one can resist cat videos. The guy and girl then escape while the zombies are mesmerized. The ad ends with the message “everything’s better with a snap…even a zombie apocalypse”.

JBL Soundboost Mod

This will set you back $79.99. It includes powerful stereo speakers, a built in kickstand and ten extra hours of battery life. That’s a steal.

This ad involves a fleeing convict being chased by a police officer. They jump through windows and free run across the city until the officer gets tired. She is approached by the convict who asks why she stopped. She replies that she’s “not feeling it”. The convict takes out his Soundboost Mod and snaps it on, claiming that a soundtrack will improve her mood. She asks him to scroll through the playlist until she comes across her “jam” and they continue their cat and mouse game. The ad ends with the message “everything’s better with a snap…even getting busted”.



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