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Ming-Chi Kuo Confirms The iPhone 7 Rumours We’ve Been Hearing All Year

Ming-Chi Kuo is never wrong about Apple news. He’s the guy to beat when you’re talking about iPhones and iPads and in his regular fashion, he’s blown the lid open on all things iPhone.

Ming-Chi Kuo
Ming-Chi Kuo

Kuo has come out with a list of 15 things we can expect from the new iPhone. Most of it is stuff we already know with a few adjustments here and there. A list of the specs was obtained by Apple Insider.

It goes:

True Tone Diplays

The iPhone 7 will feature True Tone Displays like in the iPad Pro with laser-based Proximity sensors for faster response times.

Storage Increase

You’ve been expecting this. The iPhone will no longer have a 16 GB base model or the 64 GB model. Storage will start from 32 GB and work its way up doubling till it gets to 256 GB.

A New Camera

The camera on the iPhone 7 will be a 12-megapixel dual lens snapper with 1xtelephoto lenses and 1xwide angle. Flash LEDs will be doubled from 2 to 4 with cool and warm colours. Also, the ambient light sensors will be upgraded for better low light shots.

Home Button and Haptic Feedback

A new Home Button will make its debut. The physical one will be done away with in favour of a touch enabled, haptic feedback enabled surface. 3D Touch 2.0 will also be there with better haptic feedback.

New Colours

The black has been absent from the iPhone for a while but its making a comeback this year. The iPhone 7 will be available in piano black and dark black (whatever that means). Finally, an end to the space grey nonsense.

Antenna Lines

As if to make a statement that horizontal lines make it look fat, the iPhone is stripping away those unsightly antenna lines that interrupt the otherwise smooth design.


Thinner, Lighter, Faster; all that jazz. The new iPhone 7 will have 2 GB of RAM (3 GB for the 7 Plus) and a 2.45 GHz, A10 processing chip that will make 20-30% gains on its predecessor.

Water Resistance

The Samsung Galaxy line has been showing up every phone manufacturer there is in terms of specs, design and specially water resistance. In fact if the Note 7 wasn’t busy exploding, it’d probably show you how it survives the wrath of water, fire’s mortal enemy. But the iPhone 7 will have IPX7 water resistance too. You can submerge it for 30 minutes and it’ll come out running fine.

Headphone Jack

This is the big rumour everyone’s talking about and it has finally been confirmed. The iPhone couldn’t keep getting as thin as it is without sacrificing some essentials. The headphone jack has been a childhood memory for millennials. The full transition to wireless hasn’t been made yet but Apple seems to be promoting that. However, it’s starting with lightning connector headphones. Also, the box will include a 3.5mm headphone jack to lightning cable adapter. So you won’t have the anger issues you did when the connector was first introduced.


Removing the headphone jack leaves some space. Apple decided to put an extra speaker there for higher volume. Not the worst utlization of free space.



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