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Microsoft Removes N64 Emulator From Xbox One

Sorry but you’re not going to fool Microsoft by releasing an unapproved N64 Emulator application on its official store.

According to reports, the N64 Emulator was stealthily released on the marketplace over the weekend with the inconspicuous name of “Win64e10.” Whether it was intentional or not, the hush-hush launch made it so that only those who knew about the application could find it on the marketplace.

However, word began spreading today and Microsoft finally got hold of it. The unauthorized application has since then been removed from the marketplace. Those who managed to download it are reporting that the N64 Emulator still works on their Xbox One consoles. It better be, each copy sold for $10.

That being said, Microsoft stepping in means that the likelihood of stable patches and improvements for the emulator in the future are frail. Additionally, users are reporting that the application is not perfect and has some issues that need addressing. It’s unfortunate that the developer couldn’t release a day-one update.

The N64 Emulator for Xbox One allows users to play games from the classic console, including Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. It works by loading illegal ROM versions of games downloaded from the internet which you then copy to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage system. You can then re-upload the files after playing with your latest save data.

A similar emulator popped up earlier in the month and was also scrapped by Microsoft’s ever watchful eyes in the marketplace.

Xbox One received a major update in the summers that introduced support for the Universal Windows Platform. This basically makes it possible for Windows Store apps to run on Xbox One as well. It also makes the publishing process a bit easier. As it is, Microsoft is still making sure what apps get approved to run on Xbox One.

via Eurogamer

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