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Jet Black iPhones Short In Stock; Here’s Why

Some would argue, including me, that the coolest feature of the new iPhone 7 is the Jet Black colour. I’ve hated that Apple hasn’t made its phones darker after the awesome build of the iPhone 4. Maybe it was antenna gate that put the fear of the colour black in them but honestly, no other colour comes close to how cool black is, especially on an electronic device. Take your pick, black iPads, MacBooks (do those exist anymore), PCs, Galaxy S7s etc all look great. So it’s a little irksome that the Jet black iPhone isn’t as available as the other colours are. Why? Because it’s too damn popular.

Apple hasn’t released official sales figures but a pre-order survey confirms that 30-35% of the pre-orders were for the Jet black iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. In China alone, 50% of the pre-orders were for Jet black iPhone 7s. That, in part is the reason why Apple is facing supply constraints. They should’ve just made all the iPhones Jet black and gotten rid of the other colours. But seriously, when the aggressive marketing and aesthetic of the phone was focused around this colour, there should’ve been more of a stock. Apple sells tens of millions of iPhones each year and it knows a thing or two about effective marketing and its effects on the psyche of the consumer base.

The other reason that the Jet black colour is scarce is because Apple is having a little trouble manufacturing it. Apparently the Jet black iPhone is just as hard to manufacture as it is easy to smudge and scratch. The model has a 60-70% yield rate, which means a lot of them have to be re-coated and redone.

“(The iPhone 7 suffers) from a low casing production yield rate of 60-70%”

-Ming-Chi Kuo (analyst and leaker of Apple product secrets)

The iPhone 7 sales might be bigger than the original estimates of 65 million this year. The interest generated by the iPhone 7 may take the number up to 75 million units but it still won’t be enough to top last year’s sales. People are just waiting for the tenth anniversary iPhone which might get Apple back atop the climbing sales trend.

The Media’s Obsession With Apple’s Doom

Apple’s sales for the iPhone have been declining for the past two years and many analysts have ominously warned that Apple needs a huge hit if growth needs to bounce back. The current estimates for the iPhone 7 sales this year don’t reach the standard of last year or the one before…but why is that such a big problem?

I agree that companies that fall behind and rest on their laurels can become failures very soon. Look at Nokia, it was the king of the phone business back in 2007 and from then on, with the introduction of iOS and Android people didn’t seem interested in buying their phones. But Apple is hardly doing the same.

Sure they’ve become a bit comfortable with marginally improving their phone each year but these marginal improvements have culminated in a beautiful camera, a top class microprocessor that out does every other processor for smartphones ever made. Also, Apple has made upwards of $600 billion selling the iPhone, if that’s not growth I don’t know what is.



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