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The iPhone 7 Plus Is Hissing At Some Of Its Users. What’s Up With That?

So apparently the newest iPhone controversy is in. It hasn’t become the full blown antenna gate or bend gate yet but knowing Apple’s popularity and its infamy among haters, it probably will. Some iPhone 7 Pluses are hissing at their owners. This was first observed by 512 pixels  blogger Stephen Hackett. He even recorded the sound and put it on YouTube. He said that he didn’t have to put the phone up to his ear to hear it and that he could still hear it while the phone was lying on a table. He emphasized though that this wasn’t to degrade the company or the product but to share his own experience with the phone.

It turns out a lot more users are experiencing this problem. Though it isn’t as widespread as the previous controversies surrounding the iPhones of the past, it is something that has been known to happen to phones before. The reason for it is not something wrong with the speaker but the logic board.

It’s called “coil whine”. It occurs when processor chips are handling a heavy workload and are running at high capacity. You might have noticed it occurring on your laptops or desktops when you’re running a graphics heavy game or watching a 4K movie. You can apparently hear the same thing in a quiet room with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge according to The Verge contributor Dieter Bohn.

The culprit is apparently Apple’s new A10 fusion chip. It’s being touted lately as the best chip in a phone ever. It easily outstripped competing Android phones from the Galaxy S7 phones to the OnePlus 3 in terms of both Single Core and Multi-Core performance. It’s Google Octane V2 score was almost eight times that of the Samsung Galaxy S7. That’s no easy feat. And with its new design to power manage and deliver on high performance on a need-to basis, the chip is a great contender to replace Intel Chips in future MacBooks.

While the hissing sound shouldn’t be a pressing issue for anyone, it does take away from the quiet experience of using a phone. You expect a laptop to hiss and make noise from time to time but not a phone. If you are facing the same problem you could always contact Apple Care and get a replacement which is what Stephen Hacket did. Though you may have to wait for the phone longer than expected because predictably, the iPhone 7 has sold out.




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