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Here’s Why Tekken 7 Features No Cross-Play

Bandai Namco may have considered cross-play for Tekken 7. However, as things stand, the upcoming title is not going to have the said functionality due to the shrewd “cheating” nature of the PC community.

Last month, game designer Michael Murray teased that the final decision on cross-play support rests in Sony’s hands. Even Microsoft jumped in to exclaim interest. However, today, game director and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada revealed that cross-play is likely not coming to Tekken 7.

Taking to Twitter, he clarified that it’s not about the technology or work required to match up players of all three platforms. It’s rather about potential security risks and the reputation of PC players as cheaters. These two factors are forcing the developer to scrap the idea for cross-play support.

Elsewhere in the series of tweets, Harada mentioned that the opinion is not his but of the community’s. He explained that he himself is a PC gamer and which is why Tekken 7 is even releasing on the Windows platform.

The only question that remains now is if Harada and his team can be convinced otherwise. Known for his active social media presence, it’s possible that the community can convince the developer to work on the feature. That being said, even if it were to happen, it’s likely that it will so later down the game’s life. At this point it wouldn’t serve anyone to hope for cross-play support on release-day.

Several publishers have exclaimed interest for cross-play functionality for their fighting titles. Capcom’s Street Fighter V allows players on both PlayStation 4 and PC to duke it out. The same is the case with Iron Galaxy’s Killer Instinct, bringing the Xbox One and PC player-base under a single roof. It’s actually disappointing to see Tekken 7, a big name in the fighting genre, not joining the club.

Tekken 7 is scheduled for a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2017. The arcade version has been out in Japan since February.

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