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Google Rebrands Its Apps As G Suite And Upgrades Apps

Google has gone through some major changes this year. Between renaming itself Alphabet and restructuring its company as well as rebranding its Nexus phones to Pixel and merging Chrome OS and Android (as the rumours go), the company is focusing on some key areas. It’s the number 1 company on Earth and it’s looking to stay there as long as it can. Its latest restructuring is rebranding the Apps for Work to G Suite. Google Docs, Drive, Calendar and Gmail etc. will all be lumped in to a single package specifically for business. And the Suite comes with a few upgrades for the apps too.

Google has implemented machine learning in various apps before. It unveiled how the DeepMind division used it to make its data centers 15% more efficient and added the Smart Reply feature to Gmail. Instant translation in Google Translate and photo recognition are all part of it. So first up in the machine learning upgrade is Google Drive.

Google Drivedqa-final-looping

Drive houses all your cloud based content. Now, the upgrade will cut down the searching time for your files by 50%. It will do this by predicting which file you’re going for and displaying it at the top. This is similar to how Google uses machine learning to predict which YouTube videos you will be searching for (again, the data center upgrade). Your activities on Drive and your interactions with your office colleagues on the platform will help determine which files are most readily at your disposal.

Google Calendarios-gif_for-blog-and-social

Calendar’s Smart scheduling feature is finally coming to iOS and it’ll be coming to the web by the end of the year. It’ll help you set up meetings by scanning the available rooms and meeting times as well as your preferences.

Google Sheets, Docs, Slidesde-sheets-final

Google’s own Office Suite is getting a facelift. The Explore feature in Sheets allows you to type out a question in natural language and then have it translated in to an equation by using natural language processing. It also gives you an instant answer. The same feature can be used in Docs to bring up and suggest similar documents, pictures to insert and content to discover. It can also be used in Slides to recommend layouts.

Early Adopter Program And Team Drivesg-suite-product-launch-2

Team Drives will be available to users through the Early Adopter program and allow users to interact more freely and easily over the G Suite. It offers more “granular control” over the content. The Early Adopter program also gives access to Hangouts. It will require no plugins or downloads and allow anyone to join in from any device. The revamped app will also allow up to 50 people on a single video conference session, integrate with Google Calendar and support instant screen sharing.



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