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God of War Creative Director Talks More Combat

A tentative release window for God of War still remains off the menu but that doesn’t mean the developer isn’t talking about the game.

Some days see Creative director Cory Barlog take time out from his busy schedule to respond to fan-questions on Twitter. In a recent series of replies, Barlog touched upon some combat details for the upcoming God of War game.

Personally, what he revealed isn’t something new to the series. At this point the only reason any one would be surprised is if the following combat elements were missing from the new installment.

Similar to previous games in the series, the new God of War game too places an important focus on combat. Fans can expect mechanics such as rolling, blocking, and parrying while in combat. However, due to the unique setting – Kratos being accompanied by his son, the combat may not feel that mobile when compared to previous installments.

Barlog also confirmed that Kratos will be able to throw his axe as a projectile and call it back whenever he pleases. This aspect was clearly showcased in the game’s E3 2016 debut trailer.

When asked if Kratos is going to be able to use other weapons as projectiles as well, Barlog responded that it’s too soon to be talking about mechanics involving other weapons. That being said, Kratos will indeed have access to a variety of weaponry and will not be restricted to the axe alone.

Besides weapons, the God of War series has also featured powerful magical abilities as well. The creative director is also not willing to talk on that matter. This leaves us to assume as to whether the ability to call back a weapon once thrown is basically a magical ability. Perhaps we’ll be able to do so with every weapon, as long as we have the magical runes carved into the weapon.

God of War is rumored for a release in fall 2017. However, considering the worrying trend of delaying games, it’s possible that Sony will end up pushing the title further back into 2018.

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