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Facebook Is Celebrating Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary With Its Reaction Emojis

It’s been fifty years since Star Trek The Original Series premiered on CBS in 1966. And to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise, Facebook has modified its reactions. All the reactions have been modified to reflect characters of the franchise as well as their gestures. The feature is only available in US and Canada though and even then for a limited time. Unfortunately, the United Federation of Planets hasn’t been established on Facebook yet.

The Like button is now a deeper blue with stars in the background. The Love button is now Spock’s iconic Vulcan Salute; what Trekkies know as the sign accompanied by the words, “Live Long And Prosper”. The Haha button is now a caricature of William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. The Wow button is a caricature of Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. The Sad button is a caricature of Geordi La Forge with his signature VISOR. And the Angry button is of course represented by a caricature of Worf the Klingon. Two characters from the Original Series and two from Next Generation mean that Facebook is going for wide appeal, even among Trekkies. Those who prefer Next Generation to the Original Series are a sizable bunch and vice versa. 1-0eft2a26petmen4xbyeyqa

That’s not all, Trekkies might be able to add a custom Star Trek Frame to their profile pictures and see a personalized Trekkie greeting on your News Feed.

If the reactions aren’t showing up for you, you probably haven’t Liked the official Star Trek Page on Facebook. Do so and boldly go where none have gone before.

Facebook’s Adaptive Quality

Facebook has been adapting to its surroundings as time passes. Every holiday, natural disaster, worldwide sporting event and annual event is represented on the social network that is as diverse as it is popular. 1.6 billion users on the same platform equals the biggest unification of population in the world since…ever.

Facebook’s weather updates, more intrusive searches into statuses and warning markers in case of natural disasters have made the social network a more functional platform. Then there’s 360 degree video. Apart from YouTube, it’s the only site that is aggressively promoting the format, maybe even more so.

Then there are the multi-million dollar deals with news organizations and content creators and celebrities to specifically create videos for Facebook to widen its appeal and audience.

Facebook’s adaptive qualities have taken it beyond what anyone thought it could be. Years of speculation and warnings of the social network losing its appeal have amounted to nothing. And the network shows no signs of slowing down. It may not be the fresh new thing on the block but its ubiquity as left people without a choice. You have to sign on if you want to be part of the group.

All others like Google+ and Twitter have niche audiences with specific purposes; Facebook is a general purpose tool to be used for anything and everything…and then some.



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