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You Can Now Keep Track Of Your Pokemon Go Journey With Google Maps

Pokemon Go was made by a company called Niantic Labs Inc.. It was previously owned by Google until they let it go off on its own. And Google Maps has always been kind of integrated  in to the app for spawning Pokemon in different locations. Now you can do more with that integration. You can set “Catching Pokemon” as an activity on Google Maps.

The new feature will allow players to keep track of their journey via Timeline. All you have to do is go to “Your Timeline” in Google Maps and tap the travel icon. There you can set your activity to “Catching Pokemon”. It will show how long they’ve been searching or catching ’em all and how far they’ve travelled in their quest. There’s also a Pokeball symbol included as an icon. It’s a nice companion to the Pokemon Go app since there’s no tracking feature within the game itself. Other than “Catching Pokemon”, the activities include jogging, kite surfing, cycling and horseback riding.Google-Maps-Pokemon-catching-activity

Google Maps isn’t that clear on how to differentiate between you taking walks and Catching Pokemon so you’ll have to change activities manually. There’s also a bug or two keeping users from setting the Catching Pokemon label in the app. It works fine from the web version though. Everything to do with Pokemon Go has to have bugs doesn’t it?

The feature was discovered by Reddit user “GoldLeader272“. nexus2cee_2016-09-04-21.10.51_thumb

Timeline isn’t a feature that many users have their eye on. Usually you just open the maps to get directions or look at your own house on the grid and you’re set for the day. But it includes all sorts of travel options like driving, walking, cycling, and even wheelchair. The Timeline feature in Google maps has been consistently updated this year, adding options to including places, photos and reviews. Google-Maps-logo-app

Pokemon Go Is Down But Not Out

Pokemon Go has been losing steam now for over a month. It has lost more than 10 million daily active users and has dipped below the Google search frequency of “porn” which it had over taken when at its peak. Teenagers are still walking around bumping in to each other and wasting their time but it’s not the bonanza it once was. Governments are not banning it anymore and not many people are ending up in the hospital because they jumped over a cliff while hunting for some Dodrio.

However, the game still commands the loyalty of some 30 million users. And with the expected update of a buddy system and the eventual introduction of the ability to battle players, the game can make a comeback any time.

Pokemon Go has also been valued at $29 billion by moneynation and has put a previously unknown sub company on the map. Whatever the future may hold, Pokemon Go will be known in history as the game that got AR going and was its first bona fide success. Because of it, Nintendo is finally opening its iconic titles like Zelda and Mario Bros. out in to the mobile gaming world.



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