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Battlefield 1 Gameplay Tips That You Probably Didn’t Know About

We’re all enjoying ourselves in the ongoing Battlefield 1 open beta. While the new installment borrows a lot of familiar elements from the previous Battlefield games, it still has several new mechanics that many players are skipping during their matches.

Here are some of them. If you have come across other gameplay tips that aren’t listed here, do help us in expanding this list by leaving a comment.

How to unlock unique weapons (Flamethrower, Gatling Gun, Anti-Tank Rifle)
You do not unlock these three unique weapons from the customization menu. Instead, these overpowering weapons spawn at certain points in the map and require players to pick them up.

  • Flamethrower is located at Point B (Objective Butters)
  • Gatling Gun is located at Point F (Objective Freddy)
  • Anti-Tank Rifle is located at Point E (Objective Edward)

Make your own trenches (as deep as you want)
You cannot simply wander around aimlessly and not expect enemy fire to find you. Utilizing the blasting power of dynamite, you can form your own trenches to lie low in. In addition to that, with the help of Ammo Pouches/Ammo Crates, you can keep blasting the same trench to make it deeper. You can pretty much blast it enough to hide your horse.

You can use Anti-Tank Mines to destroy the Armored Train
Place your Anti-Tank Mines on the train tracks and see the sparks fly when the Armored Train comes rolling in. Make sure you stay alive as dying will make the mines disappear.

Doing the maths; a single player is able to place three Anti-Tank Mines. These do a total damage of around 20-25 percent to the train. Hence, you’ll require help from your squad members. A full squad can basically instantly blow up the train.

Scouts can destroy light vehicles with a single K-Bullet
In some cases it might take two of them but many players have reported that a single K-Bullet was enough to blow up a light vehicle. Each scout spawns with 5 K-Bullets, leaving you with enough opportunities to take care of some enemy treks. Note that the same bullet does 5 damage to a heavily armored tank.

Mystery of “War Tapes” and “Logitech G Headset” Dynamic Range solved
The quality of Dynamic Range determines the difference between the volume of sounds around you. A high amount of dynamic range means that you’ll be better able to distinguish between loud and low sounds. This covers the careful footsteps of enemy soldiers trying to flank you and an enemy bomber carpet bombing an objective on the horizon.

Many players are under the impression that choosing “War Tapes” under Dynamic Range transforms the game-sound to realistic measures. However, that’s not true. What it really does is make everything sound loud and at the same volume.

“Logitech G Headset” is the premium range in Battlefield 1, providing the highest dynamic range available. While many perceive this to be an exclusive feature for the brand, other high-tier headsets in the market should also work similarly.

Usain Bolting across the map
You sprint faster by equipping your melee weapon. This works wonderfully when you’re armed with unique weapons (mentioned above) that tend to overly burden you by sapping mobility.

Turn the stationary Artillery cannons faster
You might have come across several Artillery cannons on the battlefield. As powerful as these are, it’s a hassle trying to spin them around with a mouse. Even with over a dozen mouse-drags, the cannon hardly rotates. However, you can use “A” and “D” keys on your keyboard to turn the cannon around much faster.

Differentiating the Scout Class rifle types
You might have noticed that each Scout rifle in the customization menu contains one of the following: Sharpshooter, Marksman, Rifleman. These are not there to just give emphasis to the name of the weapon. It actually signifies the type of rifle you’ll be arming yourself with.

  • Sharpshooter rifle features a scope (normal zoom) but no Bipod
  • Marksman rifle features a scope (high zoom) and a Bipod
  • Rifleman rifle features a Red-Dot-Sight instead of a scope but no Bipod

Do not change your resolution scale from 42 percent
By default your resolution scaling slider in options is set to 42 percent. It’s important to note that this is your native resolution. Increasing it to 100 percent will only double your current resolution. This should be fixed in the future because of how confusing it can be.

Mashing the “Skip Revive” button will not help you re-spawn faster
There’s a certain time period that every player has to endure before getting back on the battlefield. The “Skip Revive” timer is a part of that duration. Even if you choose to “Skip Revive,” you’ll still have to wait in the deployment screen for the remainder of the duration.

You can hop on vehicles even if they are full
The other day I noticed that even though our armored Tank was full, there was still an additional passenger listed. Marking it as a bug, I asked around and it appears that you can catch a ride even if that vehicle is full. You’ll not be able to enter the vehicle, but get a free ride by hopping on.

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