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Battlefield 1 ESRB Rating Talks Single Player

DICE has so far been relaying details about the multiplayer aspect of Battlefield 1, and does it look exhilarating. However, let’s not forget that Battlefield 1 also features a single-player campaign for which we have yet to hear about anything from the developer.

Thanks to its ESRB rating, we now have slight clues to what to expect from the campaign. According to the rating-summary, the storyline takes players through various locations during the first World War. During this journey, players assume multiple roles in order to complete missions. This includes filling in as a fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner.

In addition to that, players wield an assortment of weaponry, ranging from pilots to machine guns, grenades to rifles. It goes without saying that a few missions will also put players behind armored tanks and bi-planes, maybe even behemoth vehicles.

Expect a bit of gore on the battlefield as enemies go down in splashes of blood. More importantly, “the word f**k appears in the dialogue.”

Battlefield 1 just got done with an impressive open beta earlier this month. It registered as the largest open beta in the history of EA, beating last year’s Star Wars: Battlefront. As for the multiplayer beta, the game tries hard to depict a sense of realism. It’s commendable as to how much effort DICE has put in to re-enact the World War setting and locations.

The developer assures that it is working on valuable feedback provided for the beta. Several key changes are being made to the game. Details are promised to arrive as we approach closer to release-day.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release next month worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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