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Battlefield 1 Data Dump Leaks List of Vehicles and Vehicle Gadgets

Battlefield 1 just wrapped up its open beta a couple of days back. While the beta client offered players (very) limited access, it allowed data miners to jump right into the game’s code in search of new information.

Reddit user “scrawny98” has made a series of posts on the game’s subreddit, revealing a complete list of weapons, vehicles, gadgets, skins, game modes, maps, trophies, medals, and more. Do note that information obtained through data mining a beta client isn’t always fully accurate. The developer can decide to shift/change things around by the time of the official release.

Nonetheless, Battlefield 1 fans can munch on the new information until release-day. Here’s the complete list of vehicles that is supposedly going to make the final product as well as every vehicle gadget:



  • Mark V Landship (Features machine guns and two six-pounder cannons mounted on the side sponsons)
  • Tank Hunter Landship (Can deploy a defensive gas cloud and be quickly repaired)
  • Mortar Landship (Features rear mounted mortar that fires smoke or gas shells at long range)
  • Squad Support Landship (Can carry an entire squad)
  • FT-17 Light Tank (Features fully rotating turret and 37 mm cannon)
  • Light Flanker Tank (Can restore mobility and deploy anti-tank mines)
  • Light Close Support Tank (Can restore mobility quickly and provide infantry support)
  • Light Howitzer Tank (Can deploy defensive smoke screen)
  • A7V Heavy Tank (Features a main cannon and machine guns in every direction)
  • Heavy Flamethrower Tank (Can deploy defensive gas cloud and restore mobility quickly)
  • Heavy Assault Tank (Can deploy defensive smokescreen and restore mobility quickly)
  • Heavy Breakthrough Tank (Can supply and heal friendly infantry in its proximity)
  • Artillery truck (Features defensive machine gun that can be used when parked)
  • Armored Anti-Aircraft Truck (Features anti-air Pom-Pom gun and can deploy defensive smokescreen)
  • Armored Artillery Truck (Features 13pdr cannon and anti-tank mines)
  • Armored Mortar Truck (Features versatile mortar that fires many types of shells)


  • DR.1 Fighter/Sopwith Camel Fighter (Features great speed and maneuverability)
  • Trench Fighter (Features anti-personnel bombs and can deploy flares to help spot enemies)
  • Dogfighter (Can quickly repair itself)
  • Bomber Killer (Features heavy machine gun with slow rate of fire)
  • Halberstadt CL. II Attack Plane/Bristol F2.B Attack Plane (Features powerful rear gun and can support infantry by providing recon)
  • Tank Hunter Attack Plane (Features engine-mounted cannon and high explosive bombs)
  • Ground Support Attack Plane (Features small caliber automatic cannon and fragmentation bombs)
  • Airship Buster Attack Plane (Features wing-mounted rockets)
  • Gotha G.IV Bomber/Caproni CA.5 Bomber (Features various bomb loadouts and several machine guns positions)
  • Firestorm Bomber (Features massive incendiary or fragmentation payloads)
  • Barrage Bomber (Features camera for spotting enemies on the ground and both high explosive and demolition bombs)
  • Torpedo Bomber (Features torpedoes and demolition bombs)

Vehicles are tough to comment on without being able to experience them in-game firsthand. Going through that list though, the mention of “Torpedo Bombers” piques my interest.

According to the description, the bomber will be well equipped to fire torpedoes on ships in the water as well as demolition bombs on tanks. It’s the water aspect that interests me.

This pretty much confirms that Battlefield 1 will receive multiplayer maps (probably as paid DLC) that takes the fight to the sea.


  • Grenade Roof
  • MG Cooler
  • Smoke Screen
  • Speed Loader
  • Zoom Optics
  • Applique Armor
  • Flamethrower
  • Emergency Repair
  • Track Repair
  • HMG
  • TuF HMG
  • LMG
  • Tankgewehr
  • Airburst Mortar
  • Gas Mortar
  • HE Mortar
  • Fire Mortar
  • Incendiary HMG
  • 20mm Autocannon
  • Bomb Sight
  • High Alt. Carburetor
  • Holt Flares
  • 10kg HE Bombs
  • 10kg Fragmentation Bombs
  • 10kg Fire Bombs
  • 115kg Demolition Bomb
  • 40kg HE Bombs
  • 250kg Demolition Bomb
  • 50kg Bomb
  • Torpedo
  • AT Rocket Gun
  • Explosive Rockets
  • Explosive Darts
  • 115kg x2 Demolition Bomb
  • 10kg x9 Fire Bombs
  • 50kg x2 HE Bomb
  • 50kg x4 HE Bomb
  • 50kg x8 HE Bomb
  • 10kg x16 Fragmentation Bombs
  • 10kg x8 Fragmentation Bombs
  • 37mm Cannon
  • 75mm Cannon
  • Coaxial LMG
  • AT Ammo
  • Fire Ammo
  • Case Ammo
  • Anti-Tank Cannon
  • Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • 57mm AT Cannon
  • 57mm HE Cannon
  • 57mm Case Cannon
  • 57mm Incendiary Cannon
  • 57mm Cannon
  • Rear Gunner Position
  • Air Dropped Torpedo
  • 57mm Nose Cannon
  • 40mm Cannon
  • Ground Attack MG
  • Front Beam Gunner Position
  • Rear Beam Gunner Position
  • MarkV SIDE MG Gunners
  • Gas Emitter
  • Ammo Crate
  • Medic Crate
  • Self Destruct
  • Anti-Tank Mine
  • Wing Emergency Repair
  • Spotting Flare
  • Speed Boost
  • Spotting Camera

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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