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Battlefield 1 Data Dump Leaks List of Player Gadgets

Battlefield 1 just wrapped up its open beta a couple of days back. While the beta client offered players (very) limited access, it allowed data miners to jump right into the game’s code in search of new information.

Reddit user “scrawny98” has made a series of posts on the game’s subreddit, revealing a complete list of weapons, vehicles, gadgets, skins, game modes, maps, trophies, medals, and more. Do note that information obtained through data mining a beta client isn’t always fully accurate. The developer can decide to shift/change things around by the time of the official release.

Nonetheless, Battlefield 1 fans can munch on the new information until release-day. Here’s the complete list of gadgets that is supposedly going to make the final product:


Assault Class

  • Anti-Tank Grenade
  • Anti-Tank Mine
  • Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
  • Dynamite
  • Limpet Mine (Delayed explosives that can be attached to objects)

Medic Class

  • Adrenaline Syringe
  • Bandage Pouch
  • Grenade Launcher (Frag, HE, Smoke)
  • Medical Crate
  • Wrench

Support Class

  • Ammo Crate
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Mortar (HE, Airburst, Smoke)
  • Trip Wire Mines (Explosive, Gas, Incendiary)

Scout Class

  • Flare Gun (Spotting, Flash)
  • Helmet Decoy (Reveals the location of enemy players who shoot at it)
  • K Bullets
  • Spotting Scope
  • Trench Shield (Can be deployed to offer protection while prone)


  • Grappling Hook
  • Observation Balloon
  • Shellcasings

The list mostly contains items that we have already experienced in the open beta. However, there’s the interesting mention of magnetic mines that players can use as C4. The only difference here is that these explode after a brief delay whereas C4 explosives have to be triggered. There’s your answer to the looming overpowering tanks’ question.

The Trench Shield sounds like a favorable gadget for snipers who love to camp in a single position for a majority of the match. While I doubt it will grant them immunity from enemy bullets, it will definitely bestow them with longevity.

The Helmet Decoy also sounds like a fun addition. Players will be able to plant a helmet that will show up as an enemy player for the opposing side. Those who choose to shoot at it will only be revealing their location.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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